Plant Genome Sequencing

Plant genomics researchers have readily embraced new algorithms, technologies and approaches to generate genome, transcriptome and epigenome datasets for model and crop species that have permitted deep inferences into plant biology.Genotyping by sequencing, or next-generation genotyping (NGG), provides a low-cost genetic screening method to discover novel plant and animal SNPs and perform genotyping studies, often simultaneously in many specimens. With a low-cost tool for routine screening, researchers can accelerate the return on investment in breeding practice. Applications of this method include genetic mapping, screening backcross lines, purity testing, constructing haplotype maps, and performing association and genomic evaluation for plant agrigenomic studies. Sequencing has transformed environmental metagenomics, enabling the study of large microbial communities directly in their natural environment without prior culturing. These studies can yield important information about diverse microbial populations associated with plant development.

Companies are raising money: In just the first part of January 2015, In addition to Roche's investment in Foundation Medicine, 10X Genomics closed a $55.5 million Series B financing and Invitae filed for an initial public offering, These follow a busy 2014 year that saw many investments in next generation sequencing companies and companies with products or services related to next generation sequencing. Agreements with pharmaceutical companies: Companies in the pharmaceutical industry have recognized the potential benefits of next generation sequencing as a research and development tool. During just part of 2015, Genentech announced two agreements, and Pfizer announced one

  • Applications of sequence information in plant genome analyses
  • Comparative genomics
  • Classical and advanced approaches of plant genome sequencing
  • Role of transcriptomics, Proteomics, and Metabolomics in linking genome and phenome
  • Knock out mutant studies and high throughput phenotyping
  • Transposon tagging and Insertional mutagenesis

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